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Happy World Health Day


Happy World Health Day

Greetings to everybody and I hope you all are having a healthy , happy 2018!

I wish to rewind to 2017 , so please bear with me if I sound repetitive and monotonous to some of you.

2017 for me was professionally rewarding but health wise exhausting with extensive domestic and International travels , multiple projects and my constant companion of startup journey i.e. good ol’ constraints!!

I wish to share quick and few learnings + realisations with you that could be of use to some of you , who due to workload , other commitments can’t take many breaks or due to injuries cannot exercise or don’t have access to super foods due to geographical or economical constraints.

. Water , water and water : For a healthy and functional body ; please ensure you have consumed at least two litres of water !! I like to consume 1 litre as soon as I wake up and slowly have other five glasses during the day.

. Eat Fresh , local and seasonal nuts , veggies , seeds , fruits along with natural vegan protein :Sprouts , hara ankurit moong or black chana , himachali apple , ladakhi apricot , bhindi , saag , amaranth etc !! Atleast one bowl of each everyday with whatever is locally available that will benefit the grower and you.
.Kachc hi haldi or raw turmeric : keep raw (not powdered) haldi or turmeric handy (in a zip pouch) every time you are out for tea or coffee , try to cut a small piece and add it in the green tea or just sip it with warm water when you are home. It is really good to wash away infections etc.
. Having been through near fatal injuries , it can be difficult to get back to exercise but one thing that has really worked for me is oiling and scrubbing. You burn almost 250 calories by a proper snana ( bath regime) along with detoxifying the body and mind of toxins. Use a natural , local body scrub ( made with organic gram flour or walnut bark) and use upward strokes while you scrub , downwards when you oil and alternate every other day.
. Pranayam works wonders for individuals who can’t move around much , I honestly don’t have the patience for it on most days so I try to watch my breath for 15 seconds , being thoughtless between work , in the cab or when I am napping.
.Accupressure : It was an injury that made me regular with accupressure , fortunately I found a very positive lady who has strengthened some weak points in my body and I was able to get through 2017!! phew!!
. Massage : For individuals who multi task and are very busy , please invest in a weekly head massage and monthly full body massage preferably traditional Indian or vietnamese.
. Mudra dhyaan : During bed rest or extensive travel , we are bound to get helpless and attract less positive thoughts. Try to ward it off with dhyan mudra when on bed or travelling , lightly press your index finger with your thumb. Positive thoughts are very important for good health.
In 2018 , I have determined to allow my body , mind and soul , the journey it deserves. I like to think long term and take small steps towards my vision.

Love and Light,