Solar dried and organics products from remote villages of Ladakh, India

Greetings , Updates and Gratitude


Greetings , Updates and Gratitude


Greetings of the day.

I am sorry to have taken so long in writing to you. The reason being this very website, our email were hacked by competitors against whom we have filed multiple complaints as they even threatened to have links with illegal malpractitioners and have other corrupt allies.

However , we will not let them deter our morale as we exist for working for rural poor ,highlighting Indian ecological practices and frugal innovation to the world.

The past year we have performed many training , surprise check activities in Ladakh and would like to share the farmers are using solar cookers , solar dryers and farming organically genuinely. We even opened a small shop specifically for Takmachik produce in Leh.

We sadly lost Smt. Stanzin Dolker , our most precious self help group leader and passionate organic farmer , who is responsible for many milestones in my life. Takmachik and Guna will not be the same without her.

I had a personal loss of losing my grandmother and I was extremely close to her. These events took a toll on me and I took to transcendental meditation , visited Alchi , Gaya , Sarnath , Meherabad , Shirdi to pray for their souls.

On another note , Ladakh was formalised as union territory and it has brought back fresh determination to us and everyone in the region. We are in process of discussing replication and working with more villages with many ministries and Govt. Nodal agencies.

We want to thank , the Development Alternatives for inviting us to be a key discussant on sustainable procurement program at the Green coalition economy held last week.. It was great to hear from thought leaders of countries such as Peru , Senegal etc

Our #Guna HQ had a pleasant visitor Mr. Edward Millard , Director of Landscapes , Rainforest alliance , he humbly met our team members and gave us encouragement.

I participated in the Climate strike organised by Yale University , along with giving a talk on Role of women in climate resilient agriculture and showcasing Guna products to students , faculty of Yale University. I even participated in the Yale sustainable food program wherein I talked of our work in length , along with showing our video at the Yale farm. I had the good fortune to meet thought leaders in Climate change such as Susan Biniaz and William Nordhaus.

I attended Climate action summit in New York and discussed a holistic view of developing villages in India.I had the good fortune to discuss our work at Guna with Shri Satya S. Tripathy at the UN HQ in New York. I even had an exposure visit to World bank office while in Washington DC.

Another Memorable day for me was to be invited for the Royal Luncheon and Business in Sweden summit hosted in New Delhi to honour the royal couple of Sweden visiting New Delhi.

I want to thank NITI Aayog and Tasting India symposium for inviting me and Lama Lobzang Thinlas for the Indo- Nordic food policy workshop. It gives us immense pleasure to connect the eco positive measures of Ladakh with the local governments and International policy makers.

I want to thank IIT Bhubhaneshwar and IILM Gurgaon for inviting me as key note speaker to speak on social entrepreneurship.

I want to thank all our exhibition partners for giving us an opportunity to showcase our work on various platforms.

I recently had a meeting at the Earth Day Network office in Washington D.C. and shared some key observations with him and would like to share the same with you.

1. In rural India , plastic usually enters via food packaging or packaging material for food, bottled water , Coca Cola pet bottles and straws that are introduced to enhance hygiene etc. With the introduction of paper packaging , we managed to raise awareness on stopping junk food and drinks in the eco village.

2. Takmachik is very close to glaciers and is dependent on snow melted water for irrigation and drinking. Plastics obstruct water flow and is very harmful for the glaciers.

3. We discussed that with the introduction of organic farming , solar technology for post harvest management and electrification , the livelihoods have been enhanced by 30% and there has been reverse migration from 45 families to 75 families in Takmachik. When packaged in paper pouches will enhance the market price of apricots , other agro products even more and will solidify the eco positivity of the region.

I want to thank sections of media for featuring me and our work, here are some links :…/big-ideas-i-face-many-challenges-from-……/knead-2-know-biologi……/in…/we-are-the-future-1.1579785142747

Many thanks and kindest regards for being with us during our good and bad times.