Solar dried and organics products from remote villages of Ladakh, India

An eco positive and gender sensitive initiative.


An eco positive and gender sensitive initiative.

With ever increasing human population and fast depletion of natural resources , it has become increasingly important to diversify agriculture in order meet various human needs.This thought has led to the rise of GM agriculture and import of expensive, sometimes toxic ingredients that has led to replacement of nutritionally rich and under-utilised native food products.

We, at Guna , believe consumer demand will lead to a shift to eco positive eating and ecological agriculture which will further empower rural women farmers.

We work with the most genuine organic women farmers and self help groups of Ladakh, Kerala, Uttaranchal and Afghanistan.

One of our key unique selling points is reducing food loss and food waste as we have UNFAO save food initiative as our partner who have internationally acknowledged our work.

We make nutritionally rich crops easily available as one of our first products was the Ladakhi Organic Apricot nut. The USFDA and Govt. have banned B17 tablets which fights cancer and diabetes ; the two diseases on which the medical industry thrives.

We also came out with an Iron and B17 rich “Goodbye PMS pack” which is a huge hit with the girls. We made nutrition and menstruation fun and not in your face dramatic.

One of our self help groups popularly known as Badaam Bagh (Kabul) which as the name suggests was an Almond and pine nut farm that has now been converted into a women prison cell where women in their 20’s are imprisoned on accounts of false defamation by their own kin , moral crimes against sharia law and petty theft. We source Kabuli almonds , pine nuts that go through sorting and grading at these gardens, that are now replaced with Californian nuts.

We work with these difficult terrains and make their products available through a quick same day delivery and with partnerships with thoughtful neighbourhood stores across Delhi NCR.

In just one year , we have been able to tie up with ten Brick and mortar stores along with several online stores. We have twenty nutritionally rich products in our portfolio. We have impacted 650 rural women farmers , 6 Indian states and provide these products to 800 households.

We aim to double our revenue in the coming year and product portfolio while working with more women farmers.

We wish to expand to the tribal belt of Madhya Pradesh , Chattisgarh , Orissa , Jharkhand and streamlining our operations by investing in E-commerce, technology , self help groups and logistics.

Sharing small statistics on women and agriculture in India : A woman’s work on the field is often hidden , it is more than that of men and farm animals put together. For every one HA of farm land , women put in 3485 hours. Whereas, men put in 1212 hours and a pair of bollocks put in 1064 hours. Also , in India , every half an hour a male farmer commits suicide leaving behind a widow and vulnerable young children. These statistics are often hidden and youth is distracted with digital communication. We, at Guna have pledged to be a eco positive and gender sensitive model to improve people’s palette and the planet.

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