Solar dried and organics products from remote villages of Ladakh, India

Vishwadeep Trust


Vishwadeep Trust

Vishwadeep trust is a Pan India registered trust, to which our very own GUNA belongs as a sub unit, is an NGO with a very clear vision of writing and providing structural design for the other NGO’s.

Vishwadeep trust is highly active in organising events and advocacy writing for small farmers and other NGO’S.

It believes in constructing solutions for Grassroot problems and thus always has a clear vision for them.

It highlights positive achievements of leaders and has also organized  Periodicals, street plays etc.

Some of the NGOs to whom vishwadeep trust has extended its support are as follows :

  1. Delhi Foodbank Network.
  2. LOFF which stands for Ladakh Organic Farmers Federation
  3. Advocacy for small farmers such as GM Mustard campaign in the kadipur village, Gurgaon.